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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2012|04:33 pm]
Lately I have been neglecting you,
And basking in the tasks of years.
I know it’s been a while,
Since I whispered passions in your ears.
The excuses can be endless,
And continue infinitely without a pause.
But an excuse is merely nothing,
Without defining the error’s cause.
I can use the lack of time,
Or say I was preoccupied or engaged.
Or I could play the victim,
And claim I was abused and upstaged.
But the underlining cause,
Was no external strength or force.
I basically followed life’s path,
Blindly traveling through its course.
I luckily was reminded,
To take a breath and reflect.
And when conflicts penetrate in,
Analyze the optimum way to deflect.
Sometimes we forget,
How important it is to inhale.
We forget that we’re breakable,
And ever so frail.
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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2011|09:57 pm]
I adore each and every one of your freckles,
As if each of them had their own identity.
And when you smile,
They light up like a forest fire.
And I feel the heat.
I just want to bask in their warmth right now.
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2011|06:51 pm]
What is a voyage without a destination?
Or at least a vision of what you seek to find?
We all set off for explorations,
That are unpronounced and undefined.
There is a certain risk associated with these trips,
And the threat is directly proportional to the reward.
Following your gut is always the best judgment,
Of which ship is the safest to jump aboard.
You can always find a bit more comfort,
When you set sail with the one you adore.
For you know they can be a firm anchor,
When you are anxiously off shore.
And when you may veer off track,
They can be the lighthouse that leads you through the haze,
It may take a bit longer than expected,
But they will be the glow through the puzzling maze.
And although the waters may get rough,
And the tides may breach your deck.
Your lover can be the ballast,
To stabilize and protect.
They can be your compass,
And they can hail your ship to shore.
Your partner tends to be,
The epitome of a metaphor.
And usually where you end up,
Is nowhere near where you thought you’d be.
Your destination ends up being,
The embodiment of beauty.
There is no recipe for creating love,
It just appears when two souls unite,
It’s almost like a sense,
That trumps touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight.
So I guess it’s not where you end up,
It’s who you are with when you approach the shore.
Any journey is a success,
When you’re with whom you adore.
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2011|01:40 pm]
So it seems I have been chasing you,
For quite some time my dear.
And my body seems to be filled,
With anxiety and fear.
It seems every time I feel too far back,
You reduce your rapid pace.
We have momentary bliss,
Then you continue to race.
It seems you give just enough,
To prevent me from giving up.
But my outlook on life is starting to be,
A completely empty cup.
I know it is my duty to keep it filled,
But I have been nervously sipping it dry.
I have been waiting for the universe,
To give me all the answers why.
I guess I need to sit back,
And listen to all the advice that I lend.
To all the people in my life,
That battle a similar trend.
We never like to be left with a question,
And we all have a need to be sure of.
We are making the right decisions,
When it comes to finding love.
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2011|05:28 pm]
So please tell me what exactly,
Is required to create love.
I have been looking for ingredients,
But have not a clue of what it is made of.
It seems we have lost track of what it is,
And it seems our definitions just don’t match.
There are too many loves to define,
And it is impossible to create a universal batch.
Am I correct with having the understanding,
That we all possess some sort of need.
And it is crucial in the preparation,
In planting the lovers’ seed.
And when it is missing,
It is like having a void in our soul.
Or maybe it’s more like,
Our internal being turns into a black hole.
Either way,
We feel empty and unfulfilled.
Even if it is the only missing ingredient,
That is required to build.
Do we all have a different composition,
Of this chemistry we all search for?
Is it possible to find someone,
That I more than adore?
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2011|11:48 am]
So there is one thing I need to ask,
Please do not grade me before issuing the test.
I tend to surprise myself with the ones I get correct,
And I tend to learn from all the rest.
I may come off as a simple guy,
And I may come off without a worry or a care,
But that is just the confidence in my choices,
Because when I play with Karma, I tend to play fair.
Oh, and when I shower you with kindness,
It is not because I am stricken with insecurity.
We all tend to feel inadequate or subpar,
But it has nothing to do with my sensitivity.
And I am sure now and again you will have doubt,
But to express it will reduce my buoyancy.
All I wish is to remain above water,
But I think we can sail calmly on this sea.
So please jump upon my back,
And join this voyage we just begun,
I will surf on every wave,
I will learn to turn danger into fun.
For emotion is only how it is perceived,
And it is related to the outlook we create.
We can trudge tiresomely through the weeds,
Or we can change our perception of our fate.
Sometimes going with the flow,
Might be a longer path to take.
But the speed in which it travels,
Will even out the challenges we make.
So please join me on this journey,
I promise to do my best.
To protect you from the ill in life,
And bless you with all the rest.
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(no subject) [Jul. 30th, 2011|11:05 pm]
So we sat beneath the stars,
On the eve of this love.
With the half hidden moon,
Spying from above.
And the fine misty rain,
Mixed with the salty ocean spray.
And I held you even tighter,
As we decided to stay.
And we talked as if strangers,
For we practically were.
But we kissed as if lovers,
With passion so pure.
We rolled in the sand,
We weren’t the slightest concerned.
We shared past memories,
And the lessons we learned.
We made promises with pinkies,
Tangled in two.
And your eyes, they did sparkle,
As I was gazing at you.
And the ocean did creep,
And it forced us to move back.
But we kept on conversing,
And stayed completely on track.
We both have gained strength,
From the lives we did live.
But we trusted enough to be open,
Pouring emotions out like a sieve.
I am pretty sure on that night,
I gave you my heart.
Not sure if you noticed,
But it’s such a delicate part.
I am pretty sure that right then,
You gave me yours too.
It was a beautiful gesture,
In a moment so right and so true.
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2011|01:07 am]
I swear you are like a disease,
But instead of infecting me with pain,
You soothe me with ease.
The more I try to find a cure,
The more bent out of shape I am,
From the lack of allure.
I swear you are like drug in disguise,
But the more I indulge in your poison,
The more blinded my eyes.
The more I try to find my sight,
The more fog that sets in,
Which blurs the existence of plight.
Maybe you’re like a means to an end.
But I confuse the mundane,
With the dreams we pretend.
The more elaborate the plot we conspire,
The more we drift out to sea,
In the oceans of desire.
Even when I set sail to return again on my track,
The wind then responds,
And sends me wistfully on back.
So I guess what we need, is to understand you and I,
Are like each other’s dormant disease,
That flares when we try.
But I guess there is no remedy to recommend,
Except returning from our voyage,
In the realm of pretend.
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2011|05:58 pm]
So tonight, I want to intertwine our fingers,
And leave no space between our hips.
I want to inhale every last bit of your scent,
And I want to taste every last bit of your lips.
I want to stare at you so intensely,
That I actually learn to read your thoughts.
I want to feel the way you make my stomach,
Tie it’s self into multiple tangled knots.
I want to lightly brush my finger tips,
Up and down your spine.
I want to see the dim light in your eyes,
As they make contact with mine.
I want to feel your legs tighten,
As my fingers make their way down to your toes,
I want to hear your quiet giggle,
As I lightly kiss the tip of your nose.
I want to awaken with the first of the sun’s rays,
With you tightly within my clutch.
But unfortunately you’re a dream,
In which I can’t smell, see, taste, hear or touch.
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2011|05:05 pm]
With all the intricate masks disguising secrets,
How should we allocate our trust?
Should we assume that every lie,
Is meant will ill intent to capture our lust?
Or should we be more accepting of betrayal,
When it is used to lure us in.
Accepting the stories to learn from,
And find meaning in the form of a sin.
For sometimes loneliness is one’s handicap,
And they will do whatever it takes to relate.
Make up elaborate stories to lure as in,
Use primal desires as the bait.
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